Employer Services

On-the-Job Training (OJT) – Employer Services:

  • Occurs while the new employee is engaged in productive work which provides knowledge and skills essential to the full and adequate performance of the job
  • WIOA pays up to half of an employees’ wage and the employer pays the remainder during the OJT period
  • Specific program requirements discussed with employer and employee at the time of the development of the OJT contract
  • New employees participating in this program must be eligible for OJT sponsorship
  • Must have WIOA eligibility determination done by Bradford County Action staff prior to starting employment

PA CareerLink® provides a number of free services designed to link employers and job seekers:

  • Post job orders and potential employees can search through these job orders to find jobs of interest to them
  • Employees may post their resume online and employers can then match job openings to potential employees on the basis of their résumés
  • Coordinate Job Fairs designed to connect large numbers of employees with potential employers

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The Paid Work Experience Program can provide businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations additional help for 20 to 30 hours per week. A Paid Work Experience worker provides help in carrying out tasks that would normally be performed by paid employees if there were sufficient resources to pay for the work.

The worksite will place the participant on their payroll and meet all federal, state and local health, supervision and safety requirements.

Bradford County Action will place the worker at a worksite that contributes most to their employment goal.

Work Place Education Classes are available to area businesses

  • Academic skills refresher
  • GED® instruction

Employers are consulted to arrange scheduling for this type of class. The first class for all new students is an initial information and assessment class. Employees are welcome to attend classes at Bradford County Action if they are not available at the work site. An option for anyone 18 years and older.