Adult Programs – Academic Assistance

Academic Assistance – Basic Skills Brush Up:

  • Provides academic brush up for those entering employment (to prepare for employments tests, etc) and classroom training
  • Anyone 18 yrs. or older may participate
  • No eligibility requirements
  • Geared to improve areas individuals need help with before classroom training or employment tests


  • Employability Workshops:
    • Available to anyone regardless of income
    • Available at the PA CareerLink® in Towanda
    • Variety of topics which can be helpful to those who are interested in job search techniques and information
    • PA CareerLink® computers available on a self serve basis to anyone regardless of income
  • Intensive Job Search Services:
    • Available for those who are eligible upon completion of employability workshops
    • Eligibility is required for more intensive services which include:
      • Individualized professional resume preparation
      • Intensive assistance with job search activities
      • Training sponsorship.

Classroom Training:

  • Sponsorship of up to 2 years of full time college or vocational training
  • Must have high school diploma or GED® if required by the training provider
  • Must complete training requirements including eligibility and training account process completion
  • Determine the school/training site and program of interest
  • Apply for PELL and PHEAA grants and discuss goals with BCA staff at scheduled appointments